What is a preservation easement?
A preservation easement is a voluntary transfer by the property owner, as donor, of some of the rights inherent in property ownership to a qualified steward of such rights (called the donee). The preservation easement is set forth in a legal agreement between the property owner (the donor) and M-NCPPC (the qualified holder, the donee) to preserve and protect the significant historical, cultural, architectural, or archeological attributes of the property.

The “easement,” as it is legally termed, contains binding and enforceable covenants that run with the land and associated structures. These covenants obligate the owner, and his or her successors, to refrain from actions that are incompatible with the preservation of the historic resource and/or compromise its historic integrity. To understand the easement concept, think of property ownership as investing the owner with a number of generally recognized rights. The landowner may sell or give away all of the rights, or a limited set of them. These rights may include, for example, the right to alter a building, to demolish it, or to construct a new one. In return for the historic property grant, the property owner gives away certain rights while retaining others. The basic premise of the preservation easement agreement stipulates that the owner will be required to seek approval from M-NCPPC on any change to the property designated in the agreement.

For more information, please call Historic Preservation at 301-952-3520.

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