Are there requirements for being a Companion?

Companions must be 14 years of age or older and be able to accommodate the patron with the disability within the program setting while following the Code of Conduct and program rules. The Disability Services Team (DST) has sole discretion to determine what is to be in the best interest of M-NCPPC and the Department.

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1. What is a Companion?
2. Are there requirements for being a Companion?
3. Can there be more than one Companion?
4. What is my role as a Companion?
5. Will I be required to do a background check?
6. Do I need a PARKS Direct Account?
7. Are Companions required to register/reserve space or pay?
8. Where can I get a Companion Agreement Form?
9. How long do requests take?
10. Who authorizes the Companion Agreement Form?
11. Who do I contact for help?
12. How is my request processed?
13. Is authorization required?
14. How is my information shared and where is it stored?