What determines the timeline for completion of work?

There are 568 parks in Prince George's County which encompass over 29,000 acres of land. The Arboriculture Section consistently has numerous active work requests for tree work that have already been inspected, prioritized, and are waiting in queue to be completed by our staff of highly-trained tree professionals. Find the closest park in your area outfitted with the amenities you desire.

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1. How do I report tree related concerns on park land to Prince George's County Parks & Recreation?
2. Who is responsible for removing the tree or limbs that have fallen onto my property?
3. What is the status of my existing work request?
4. Why doesn't Prince George's County remove trees from private property?
5. What is the process after work request is created?
6. How does the Senior Arborist prioritize work requests?
7. What determines the timeline for completion of work?