After all the development that has been allowed, why is this legislation being proposed now?
The risks of air operations have been obvious to area residents since Joint Base Andrews opened in 1943. The Air Force issued the first Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Study for Joint Base Andrews in 1974. The County developed the I-4 Limited Intensity Industrial Zone in 1980, which was intended to protect against encroachment but was not applied uniformly within the Impact Areas. Many of the incompatible uses that exist today could have been prevented had some regulation been put in place.

This legislation will help minimize future encroachments. Also, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) has sought to close bases, or at the least, relocate critical operations to bases where encroachments are kept at a minimum. Were this to occur at Joint Base Andrews, it could have significant impacts on national security and to the economy of Prince George’s County. Find out who to contact for more information.

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1. What is the MIOZ?
2. What is the MIOZMA?
3. What are the Safety Zones?
4. When will the MIOZ take effect?
5. Why do these regulations extend beyond the Clear Zone?
6. What kind of accidents are possible in the Safety Zones?
7. After all the development that has been allowed, why is this legislation being proposed now?
8. The MIOZ refers to the need to have a Use and Occupancy Permit. I heard that such permits were not required for churches. Is this true?
9. All the MIOZ make my use or structure nonconforming? Can a nonconforming use be replaced by the same use after the MIOZ is enacted? Are uses prohibited by the MIOZ “grandfathered” in?
10. Are new churches allowed?
11. Why aren’t we restricting JBA activity instead of many of the prohibited uses in the MIOZ?
12. I live in a single-family home. The MIOZMA establishes height limits that may be as high as several hundred feet. How does this affect me and why am I being placed in this zone?
13. The letter I received contained a reference to an affidavit requirement and the intensification of zoning. Can you provide more information?
14. What are the restrictions outside of the APZs?
15. How can the zoning be seen at the "street" level?
16. At what point in the development approval process is a project considered "vested?"