When do I need a Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP) for work on my historic property?
A HAWP is required when making substantive changes to the exterior of a Historic Site or a contributing property in one of three county-designated historic districts (Broadcreek Historic District, the Old Town College Park Historic District and the St. Thomas Episcopal Parish Historic District). Substantive changes include the construction of additions and the removal or replacement of character-defining architectural elements such as windows, doors, porches, steps, and shutters and other decorative features. The demolition of all, or part, of a building requires a Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP). A HAWP is not required for interior work or for ordinary maintenance, which includes minor repairs using like materials and design, minor landscaping, and painting of non-masonry surfaces using the same or substantially the same color.

A HAWP approval does not eliminate the need for a building permit issued by the county's Department of Environmental Resources (DER). If you have questions regarding the HAWP process, please contact the Historic Preservation staff at 301-952-3520.

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