Detailed Site Plan (DSP)

Detailed Site Plans (DSP) show the exact location and design of all buildings and structures, streets, parking lots, open spaces, landscaping, grading, and other on-site physical features. DSPs contain the same level of site information that is necessary to obtain a permit and are required by either the zone, proposed use, or a condition of a previous approval for the property. They must conform to the design and approval conditions of any preceding Conceptual Site Plan and/or Preliminary Plan of Subdivision.

nh12Pre-Application Conference:  Optional under current Ordinance. Required under new Ordinance.

Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting: Optional under current Ordinance. Required under new Ordinance.

Subdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC): When reviewed by the Planning Board, Detailed Site Plans are required to be reviewed by SDRC.

When reviewed by the Planning Director, Detailed Site Plans may be referred to the SDRC, at the discretion of the section Supervisor or at the request of the applicant.

Decision-Making Body: Detailed Site Plans are generally ruled upon by the Planning Board, however, limited minor amendments may be ruled upon by the Planning Director. 

1–9 lots or Dwelling Units (DUs)
10 or more lots or DUs
$2,000 plus $10 per lot or DU
Nonresidential:$2,000 plus $30 per acre
Day Care Center:$100
1–9 lots or DUs
Day Care Center
All Others

Public Notice Requirement: Public notice of Planning Board Hearings is satisfied by mailings to adjoining property owners, parties of record, civic associations registered with M-NCPPC, and municipalities and by posting signs with notice of hearing date 30 days prior to hearing.

Estimated Review Time: 3-4 months


Fill out this application form and email the PDF along with required submission materials to

Important and Required Documents

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Landscape Manual 

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