Bowie Community Center Playground Renovation

Project Background/Description

The Bowie Community Center Playground provides a play space for preschool programs, as well as the community at large. The $350,000 renovation involves the replacement of existing play equipment, 3300-sq.ft of rubber safety surfacing with a colorful graphic design, fencing, and drainage improvements.

The original playground provided equipment for children ages 2-5, but new enhancements will include elements for children ages 5-12. Open for all children, the play space is designed to be accessible and can accommodate children with special needs.

Additional improvements include playful musical equipment, play cocoons, spinning elements, group swing, slides, net climbers and bridge, play pods, cube climbers, and a hopscotch area. The existing chain link fence will be upgraded to ornamental metal picket fencing and both the rubber surfacing and play equipment will feature brighter bolder colors.

Status/Project Updates

Last Updated May 2021

As of May 2021, this project has been completed. 

Project Contact

Joseph “JJ” Arce, Central Area Park Planner