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Nutrition & Health Education Programs

Watch videos of healthy cooking demonstrations and workshops conducted by trained healthcare professionals on various health and nutrition topics during our monthly observances. 

National Nutrition Month

Watch the Celebrate a World of Flavors Nutrition Workshop
Get to know the international aisle with a Giant Food nutritionist and try something new. Learn easy recipes and ingredients that make eating-IN as easy as carrying-OUT. Best of all, these better-for-you versions will help you celebrate National Nutrition Month with flavor and health in mind.

Watch the Beating Sugar Cravings: Fruit Yogurt Parfait & Apple Crisp Cooking Demonstration
Learn two recipes that will put a twist on your favorite dessert dishes to keep you on track with your wellness goals.

Watch the Build Your Best Breakfast Nutrition Workshop
Learn easy ways to make a quick breakfast from scratch, products to consider if you don’t like to cook, and ways to break your fast outside of the traditional cereal box.

Watch the Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Brown Rice Pasta & Broccoli Stir-Fry Cooking Demonstration
Learn about what types of food can reduce or even prevent chronic inflammation—a risk factor for many health issues. These recipes will include fruits, veggies, lean protein, nuts, seeds, and much more.

Watch the Mindful Eating Nutrition Workshop
Discover tips and tricks to help you become more aware of how the environment influences eating habits. This session is not about what to eat — it’s about how to eat.

Watch the Cook Once, Eat Twice Nutrition Workshop
Explore ways to cook less and fill your freezer (or fridge) so that you can have a meal in minutes

Watch the Plant-Based Eating Nutrition Workshop
Learn about vegetarian and vegan eating while exploring ways to add plant-based foods to your diet.

Watch the Plant-Based Diet: Vegan Crab Cakes & Succulent Spinach Cooking Demonstration
Discover two recipes that are nutrient-dense and plant-based to add to your list of go-to meals.

New Year New You Nutrition Series

Watch the Goal Setting and Eating from MyPlate Nutrition Workshop
Learn how to start at the beginning of any task by setting “SMART” goals and identify what balanced eating looks like.

Watch the Healthy Store Tour
Join us for a virtual Giant Store tour! During this interactive store tour, learn how to fill your cart with nutrient-packed foods that will help you stay on track with your personal health and wellness goals throughout 2023.

Watch the Meal Planning to Fit your Budget Nutrition Workshop
Rethink your weekly shopping routine and stretch your grocery dollar even further. In this virtual session, you will be provided with tips for creating healthy meals at home while staying on a budget.

Watch the Mindful Eating Nutrition Workshop
Mindfulness is the capacity to bring full attention and awareness to one’s experience, in the moment, without judgement. Mindful eating brings mindfulness to food choices and the experience of eating. Learn how to become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations while eating in this virtual session.

Watch the Eating for Health and Setting Wellness Goals Nutrition Workshop
Start the New Year with an interactive session that will give you healthy tips to achieve your goals. Explore paths to healthy eating and learn how to balance your plate to meet your health and wellness goals. This virtual session will help you identify simple changes that will add up to major improvements!

Watch the What’s on your Plate and Eating Out Nutrition Workshop
Healthy eating starts with what goes on your plate. During this virtual session, learn what a well-rounded meal looks like and tips to help you create a nutritious plate whether you are at home or out at a restaurant.

National Heart Health Month

Watch the Fuel Up for Your Heart Cooking Demonstration
Explore a new way to eat canned tuna! During this virtual session, you will learn how to make tuna cakes and quinoa that are packed with heart-healthy and brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

Watch the Heart-Healthy Perfect Pairings Cooking Demonstration
In this virtual session, discover how to make a vegan alternative to the classic tuna sandwich paired with a colorful vegetable soup.

Healthy Holiday Nutrition Series

Watch the Holiday Appetizers: Garlicky Hummus & Stuffed Croissants Cooking Demonstration
Start your holiday gathering with a Mediterranean inspired appetizer that the whole family will love. In this session you will learn how to make garlicky hummus and stuffed croissants.

Watch the Eating for Your Health Store Tour: Holiday Edition Workshop
Looking for ways to add festive colors to your holiday spread? During this interactive store tour, learn how to fill your cart with nutrient-packed foods that will help you stay on track with your personal health and wellness goals over the holiday season.

Watch the Lettuce Eat! Workshop
No matter your nutrition goals, adding vegetables to your diet is a great way to improve long-term health and maintain a healthy weight. In this session we will learn how to add more veggies on your holiday plate.

Watch the Healthy Holiday Party Beverages Workshop
Being health-conscious doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in festive drinking at your holiday gathering. In this session you will learn recipes for beverages that will have you feeling festive while keeping your health in mind.

Watch the Set It and Forget It Slow Cooker Meals Workshop
You’re too busy to stress over what’s for dinner during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. After attending this session, you will have a few new recipes to add to your repertoire of slow cooker meals for your family.

Watch the Cranberry Stuffing & Medley Root Vegetables Cooking Demonstration
Let the side dishes steal the show during your next holiday gathering! In this session, you will learn two new recipes to add to your holiday spread: cranberry stuffing and medley root vegetables.

Watch the Black-Eyed Peas & Collard Greens Cooking Demonstration
Healthy side dishes don’t have to lack flavor! During this session, you will learn how to tweak your traditional black-eyed peas and collard greens recipes to make them healthier.

Fun Fresh Summer Smoothie & Cooking Demonstration Series

Watch the Protein-Packed Smoothies Demonstration
In this session, participants will learn to create two protein-packed smoothie recipes to give their bodies fuel: a fruity and fun Watermelon Strawberry Protein Shake and a creamy and smooth Almond Delight Protein Shake.

Watch the Satisfyingly Sweet and Healthy! Desserts Cooking Demonstration
In this session, participants will learn how to satisfy their sweet-tooths with two healthy dessert recipes: Black Bean Brownies and an Açaí Fruit Bowl.

Watch the Superfood Smoothies Demonstration
Participants will learn how to build two smoothies filled with superfoods to give their bodies the needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants: an Avocado Banana Smoothie and Chocolate Lovers Protein Shake.

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Watch the Hydrate to Feel Great Nutrition Workshop
In this session, find out why water is an essential nutrient, how to know if you’re getting enough, and ways to keep it interesting.

Watch the Nutrition and Athletic Performance Nutrition Workshop
In this session, you will explore when to eat and what kinds of foods are best to fuel and maintain peak performance.

Watch the Fueling Up & Powering Down Nutrition Workshop
Learn about the role carbs and protein play in fueling and repairing your body, and how what you eat before and after a workout can affect your ability to maximize your activity.

Watch the Gamifying Meal Planning Nutrition Workshop
Eating the same meals over and over? Stuck with a pantry of boring ingredients? In this session, learn how to stay balanced but up the fun with random cuisines and cooking methods.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Watch the Foods to Get Your Zzzzzz’s On for Great Mental Health Workshop
If your sleep routine is a little out of whack, we can help! In this virtual session, you will learn the best foods to help you achieve a good night's sleep, foods you should avoid, and foods that will kick-start your energy when you wake up.

Watch the Life In Recovery After Surviving Suicide: A Conversation About Mental Health & Self-Care Seminar
This virtual session will take participants through a suicide survivor’s journey of mental health recovery and healing. Hear her story of recovering from a suicide attempt to successfully manage a diagnosis and live a fulfilling life. You will also explore self-care strategies that will help inspire you to begin your wellness journey.

Watch the Mood Boosting Foods Nutrition Workshop
Did you know that the food you eat can impact your mood? In this virtual session, learn tips and tricks to help you positively impact your mental health. Learn about mood-boosting and brain powering foods.

Watch From Jail to Joy: My Journey with Bipolar Seminar
This virtual session will take participants through the breathtaking journey of Ph.D.’s mistaken identity. This session will discuss Dr. Ray’s experience, share tips on crisis prevention, and allow space for questions. This session is for anyone who has lived experience with bipolar disorder and the friends and family, who are supporting them.

Virtual Nutrition Workshops

Watch the Spice up Your Life! Workshop
Herbs and spices are an easy way to add flavor, fragrance, and nutrition to your meals. In this session, learn about the health benefits of common culinary spices!

Watch the Eating for your Health Store Tour Workshop
During this interactive store tour, learn how to fill your cart with nutrient-packed foods that will help you manage a healthy weight, fight fatigue, and meet your personal wellness goals.

Watch the Is Your Portion Control Out of Control Workshop
Food provides nourishment for the body and enjoyment for the mind and spirit. How can you achieve balance in your relationship with food? Learn how to add mindful eating, meditation, and calming foods into your lifestyle.

Technique Tuesdays

Watch a video to learn a new sports skill to help you stay healthy and keep your sports skills sharp while at home. This is another great resource to keep you connected to your favorite sport and to also introduce you to new ones!

Wellness Wednesdays

Watch health education, fitness, and nutrition videos to motivate your path to wellness and support your overall wellbeing.

Dine, Learn & Move

Watch the latest virtual session recording to get active, learn simple everyday tips for making healthy choices, and watch a healthy cooking demonstration. Learn more about the Dine, Learn, and Move program.