Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center

  • Battle Ropes
  • Boxing Ring
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Free Weights and Dumbbells
  • Jump Ropes
  • Locker Room
  • Punching Bags
  • Showers
  • Tires

Prince George's County is home to Olympic and Professional boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. We operate one boxing center in the County, the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center. The co-ed facility offers coaching, training, conditioning and boxing shows.

Sugar Ray Leonard wearing boxing gloves


  • Amateur Training
  • Boxing Shows
  • Daily Coaching for Gym Members
  • Open Sparring Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Professional Training


The center has produced champions:

  • Sugar Ray Leonard, Olympic champion and Professional 1976 Welterweight champion
  • Andrew Maynard, Professional 1988 Light Heavyweight champion
  • Martin Lawrence (comedian/actor) trained at the boxing center during his Mid-Atlantic         Golden Gloves years

Equipment Offered

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing ring
  • Exercise equipment such as of treadmills with incline, exercise bikes, climbing machines, bench / squat rack, Hack squat machine, lat pull down machine
  • Free weights and dumbbells
  • Lockers and shower area
  • Medicines balls from 3 lbs to 12 lbs
  • Speed, leather and beaded jump ropes
  • 3-minute round/one-minute rest Gym Timer
  • Tires (various) including tractor tires
  • Title Leather Double End Bags
  • Title Leather Heavy Bags from 75 lbs to 150 lbs
  • Title Leather Speed Bags ranging from extra small to large
  • Battle ropes


Sign up for a membership, and let Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center become your personal gym. Memberships can be purchased for a full calendar year or renewed on quarterly basis (January - March; April - June; July - September; or October - December).Memberships may not be prorated.

Bi-County Residents
Yearly  $200  $260