College Park Airport

The World’s Oldest Continuously Operated Airport

College Park Airport has been an active airport since 1909 when it was founded by the Wright Brothers!

College Park Airport (KCGS) was established in 1909 after Wilbur Wright came to the field to train two military officers to fly in the government’s first aeroplane. The facility is now the world’s oldest continually operated airport and is the site of many significant aviation firsts. College Park Airport, known as the "Field of Firsts," remains an active airport serving the needs of aircraft pilots, and is also a site for history buffs and aviation enthusiasts.

Date Purchased: M-NCPPC purchased the airport in 1973 as one of the gateway airports to Washington, D.C., and Prince George’s County 

Runway Length: 2,600’ x 60’

Airplane Parking and Capacity: The Airport offers both tenant and transient aircraft parking for over 100 planes

Airport Amenities:

  • Fueling Services
  • Weather Briefing Capacities
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Historic Hanger where the first airmail operations were based in the U.S.
  • Meeting and Conference Spaces 
  • Flight Simulator Rentals

Metro Access: Steps from College Park Metro Station

College Park Airport Safety Project 

College Park Airport is the longest operating airport in the world. In order to keep this historic airport operational, the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George’s County must abide by certain laws, regulations, and Federal Aviation Administration safety requirements. Maryland Regulation requires that every 4-8 years, trees in designated areas near the College Park Airport must be trimmed. Trees above a certain height are considered airport hazards. 

As an agency, we are deeply connected to the environmental impact of such a project. Read our FAQs and our Project Plan Presentation to understand the background, current situation, and what we are doing to preserve our history while re-planting the trees vital to our environment’s beauty and sustainability.

Safety Project Updates

College Park Airport Plan and Presentation (PDF) - April 2021
College Park Airport Plan and Presentation (PDF) - April 2020
College Park Airport Replanting Plan (PDF) - September 2020

Watch the College Park Airport Safety Project Public Meeting - (5/21/20)