Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank is a short-term, income-replacement disability plan designed to provide income if you have exhausted all of your leave before you are eligible and approved for Long Term Disability (LTD). It is designed to pay 75% of your pre-disability income for up to 456 work hours.


Full-time or part-time career employee's that are not on probation, may join the plan. If an employee is on probation, they may join the program within 45 days of becoming a Merit System employee or wait until the next open enrollment. First-time members must wait six months before they can begin using benefits. Employees will not need to re-enroll every year. If an employee dis-enrolls and later re-enrolls, they must complete another 6 month waiting period before they can be eligible for Sick Leave Bank benefits.

Purpose of Use

The Sick Leave Bank is only to used to cover lost wages through an employees own disabling illness or injury. Employees may not use the Sick Leave Bank for a family member's illness.

Contributing Time

Employees must contribute the required hours of sick leave as designated each year for membership in the Sick Leave Bank. Full-time employees must contribute 8 hours and part-time employees must contribute 4 hours per year, but is subject to change based on the balance of hours in the bank. Contributions are taken within the first quarter of the calendar year and are reflected as a reduction in your bank balance.