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Painting of a woman wearing a headscarf and gold jewelry with writing on wall behind her.

Guest Curator, Tim Davis: The Story of Our Skin

The Story of Our Skin is an exhibition of figurative works and portraiture featuring people of color. Four artists: Luis Peralta Del Valle, Al Burts, Preston Sampson, and J'Nell Jordan, draw on everyday life and historical events and icons for their subjects. The artists transform materials to create their paintings and mixed media compositions in wood, metal signs, handmade paper, and other innovative techniques. This exhibit will show the strength and dignity of people of color from the past, present, and future.  

*Presenting exhibitions of artists at various stages of their career is one of Montpelier Arts Center’s core commitments. We are excited to invite an outside curator to help further this mission. We are thrilled to have Tim Davis, who is the founder and owner of International Visions Gallery and consultants, to curate this exhibition. 

About the Curator: In addition to a curator and gallery owner, Tim Davis is an artist and educator; he received his Masters of Arts degree from the University of Illinois, where he studied art education and fine art. Davis has earned many honors and awards throughout his impressive career including, an Arts Management fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and he has worked as a consultant for numerous DMV arts organizations. Davis has also served on several boards throughout the Washington metropolitan area.  

Abacus (the math ahead, the math behind)by Julie Wills

Julie Wills: Great Lake

Virtual Exhibition Link Coming Soon

Drawing inspiration from celestial sources, Julie Wills creates mixed media drawings and installations that invoke both the rational and the magical. Choosing everyday materials for their metaphoric properties, her works explore constancy and mutability, current conditions, and hope for an unrealized but longed-for future. 

Invitational Sculpture Exhibition

39th Annual Invitational Sculpture Exhibition: Sylvan Compositions

Virtual Exhibition Link Coming Soon

Join us for an exhibition of wood-based sculptures by two Baltimore-based artists: Greg Gensheimer and Allen Zaruba. Sylvan Compositions celebrates the place where the natural beauty of wood intersects with human imagination.