Rules & Regulations

Participation & Attendance

Free and/or discounted range balls are subject to availability for all levels. Facilities may be closed for maintenance purposes, weather (acts of God), etc. Failure to attend instructional classes may result in loss of privileges/discounts. Participation in certain events will be limited to members of The First Tee of Prince George's County.

Disability Accommodations

The Department of Parks and Recreation encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities. Register at least a minimum of two weeks in advance of the program start date to request and receive a disability accommodation.

Dress Code

  • Boys' shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Hats are to be straight with bibs forward.
  • Sneakers or golf shoes are to be worn to class.
  • For all tournaments, no jeans please and shirts with collars are highly recommended.
The First Tee of Prince George's County participates in the Metro Tour, which may include additional dress code requirements. Notification will be posted.

Learn More

Additional information is available on our chapter website or the First Tee National Home Office website.