2017 Speaker / Film Series

  1. July 2017

    Strategizing for Retail: Understanding How the "Retail Apocalypse" Impacts Planning. Retail apocalypse is term that has recently emerged to describe our economic environment, which is characterized by mass store closures, a rise in e-commerce, and an overabundance of retail space. From closing department stores to vacant storefronts, evidence of this economic shift is apparent along commercial corridors throughout the country, and even right here in Prince George’s County. Our speaker, Mr. Boone will tell us where this retail is going, and how we can proactively bolster our communities and ensure that they are economically resilient. Join us for a presentation on these factors, what they mean for local and regional communities and how we can address this shifting economic landscape through planning and economic development work.

  2. May 2017

    A Recipe for Award-Winning On-line Community Engagement VIDEO (1 hour) and Brief Discussion From the video’s host, Dave Biggs, MetroQuest: In partnership with the American Planning Association and co-sponsored by the International Association for Public Participation, this highly visual webinar will present proven best practices, research findings, practical tips and award-winning case studies to guide agencies towards the successful application of online community engagement for planning projects. Participants will walk away with an understanding about how to leverage digital citizen engagement to achieve unprecedented results using cost-effective tools.

  3. March 2017

    Planning for and Operating Efficient Schools - Mike Dieterich, Rise Industries This presentation will introduce and explore the concepts of sustainability and resilience as they are applied to the development of public facilities.

  4. January 2017

    Big Data and Technology for Mobility: Market-Oriented Transit Corridor Planning and Autonomous Cars and Buses - Nat Bottigheimer, Fehr & Peers and Renata Haberkam, The Traffic Group, Inc. Around the County, jurisdictions are grappling with how to plan for emerging transportation trends. In mass transit, the demand to incorporate Bus rapid-transit (BRT) into automobile-centric environments is increasing, and the traditional approach to transit modelling is proving to be insufficient.

2017 Speaker Series