Project Initiation

Public Participation & Community Outreach

The Planning Board is required, by the Prince George’s County Zoning Code to prepare a program for public participation in the preparation of any plan. The public participation program encourages a balance of participation by area residents and businesses affected by the plan. Stakeholders include property owners, civic associations, environmental groups, the agriculture and forestry community, local business groups, the development and building community, government agencies, and all Municipalities and jurisdictions within or adjacent to the county.

The public participation program will explain techniques to facilitate committed public involvement in the preparation of the plan. The program will include methods to keep the larger affected community informed and will contain a timetable explaining the length of time allotted for the preparation of the plan and the points at which the public may provide input and be briefed regarding the integration of recommendations and the updated regarding the progress of the plan and technical document.

Public Participation Program

The public participation program includes:
  • A compilation of interested community groups, agencies and commissions and a methods to engage them in the plan process
  • Criteria for the evaluation of public input
  • Preparation and administration of the public participation process including staffing for public meetings
  • A report and PowerPoint presentation establishing and evaluating the public outreach criteria
  • A report and PowerPoint presentation summarizing the public's input, comments and recommendations
  • A timeline and plan to engage public participation