Subregion 1 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

The Approved Subregion 1 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment 2010 is available online.

Project Description

The goals of the master plan are to enhance the quality and character of the community, encourage quality economic development, preserve and protect environmentally sensitive and scenic land, and make efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment for the Subregion I area. The new master plan and SMA replaces the 1990 Subregion I Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment.

Project Boundary

The Subregion I Master Plan area is approximately 40 square miles or 25,400 acres and consists of four planning areas (60, 61, 62, and 64), located in the northeastern area of the County. The City of Laurel is not included in Subregion I since the city has its own planning zoning authority.
Subregion 1 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment Area Map