Neighborhood Revitalization Section


Ongoing Planning Assistance for Your Community (PAMC) Projects

Ongoing Sustainable Communities Application Renewals

  • Greater Camp Springs - Town of Morningside
  • Kentland - Palmer Park
  • Landover Hills - City of New Carrollton
  • Langley Park
  • Suitland-Naylor Road Metro Stations
  • Town of Upper Marlboro 

Completed Projects

Mixed-Use Town Center (MUTC) Zones

The MUTC Zone was created to encourage the establishment of mid-density mixed-used centers. The zone permits a broader range of uses than typically allowed to foster more lively, successful town centers. Moreover, the MUTC Zone recognizes the critical role of urban design in establishing a flourishing town center. The regulating and guiding document for each of the designated MUTC Zones is the development plan, which provides a set of design standards and guidelines. There are currently four MUTC Zones designated in the County:

Neighborhood Revitalization Section